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Founders’ Day is September 15, 2019 at the Walnut Street Synagogue in Chelsea.  It will be a celebration of the historic shul, which was founded anew after the 1908 Chelsea fire and is still operating 110 years later.  It will also be a new beginning, for the planned Chelsea Jewish Museum and Cultural Center at the Walnut Street Synagogue.

 At the festive day there plans are for an exhibit of photographs, a group of distinguished guest speakers, and a musical interlude.  Expert genealogical research is being conducted on the nearly 300 families who founded the shul, and anyone who identifies as a descendant and comes to the event will receive information about their family.

Going forward, this  permanent exhibit of Chelsea Jewry will be followed by ongoing exhibits and cultural events about not only the Jewish community in Chelsea, but about other ethnic groups who have made Chelsea their home.

Founders Day is a bridge between old and new, a celebration of the history and future of this iconic immigrant city.


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